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Handcraftedpedal cars have a long history in the world. People had the opportunity to own hand-made pedal cars as far back as the in pre-war years. These cars are now inherited for generations and are a
sought-after collector's item. In later years, so-called Moskvich pedal cars
began to "voluntarily" be imported to Czechoslovakia from Russia. However, it
was mostly an unattainable dream for each of us. Please allow us to now introduce
Czech, hand-made models of pedal cars under the brand Czech Pedal Car.

Perhaps we are doing the most infinitesimal thing in the world.

The pedal car models have an aluminum construction that is fitted with 14 ball and 5 plain bearings. The body is very durable, hand-made and produced from fiberglass. The advantage of these fibers
is the low weight and high crack resistance, which is prevented by the hand
laid canvas. Every piece is thus truly original and colored directly in the
form. The mechanical crank movement - that is, on the pull bar, guarantees a
long service life and is designed for complete motoring beginners or small classic car collectors just starting out.

Our models are 90% made to order. Every car is fitted with its serialnumber, which every customer receives when ordering. This serial number isstamped not only on the vehicle's nameplate, but also on the car's vehicleregistration.

The model can be equipped with additional equipment, such as its own license plate, car
sticker, electrical wiring, etc.

We are also glad to send photographs from production to our customers....

The customer has the choice of four variants:


type designation , model ZK 1000 

We will build your dream ...

Price list:



type designation , model MC 1000

We will build your dream ...

Price list:


Model of a pedal car marked MC1000 (Monte Carlo), part of the equipment are: light frame with functional headlights, two-tone horn, racing sticker, black interior upholstery with red thread. In addition to the model, accessories can be ordered: own license plate and stainless steel covers

The model can be equipped with additionalequipment:

Own license plate

1.300 Kč

Car sticker

the price of the blueprint depends on the graphic design according to the company logo you send

? Kč

Special wooden box with rope handles, burned logo

2.500 Kč

Electrical wiring

headlights, blinkers, horn

2.100 Kč

Set of stainless steel lids  

can be purchased with a previously purchased model, but minor adjustments to the frame are required.

2.250 Kč

Interior upholstery - tape cutter  

can be chosen from dark blue leatherette, burgundy or gray

1.750 Kč

The model of pedal cars will be delivered to the sender's address. We also deliver beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. The price for the transport is solved individually, according to the delivery address.


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At a time when the market is flooded with products mostly for a single
use - at best for a shorter period of time, we have decided to offer a product
that will really survive for generations. An individual approach and care are
dedicated to each of our models.

The idea was based on the thought of making our children a toy car would be passed on from generation to generation.

We will be happy to make a model of pedal cars for you as well. You choose the color, you get the serial number and the model for you to start producing.


Our Retro construction set is cheaper, but mainly a creative option for our customers. At a time when home-made workshops seem empty in most cases, we have decided to give our workshops, sheds and cellars another chance. Gather your courage, your children and bring your workshop back to life with a new project: "Build a functional Retro model pedal car".

It is not complicated to build a model thanks to our photo-manual and
can be managed by any slightly handy person.

Our construction set will be a very pleasant diversion for many people for those ordinary days during which something new and very attractive will be
created. However, all that joy from the construction set will soon be doubled, especially when you see the enthusiasm in those young faces and your model in motion.

Our individual approach to you and to your future pedal car is always our
priority. So, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Czech Pedal Car

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